Forthcoming January 2019

"Deep Creek is a love letter to earth, animals, and the best of humanity. Pam Houston has taken our heartache and woven it back into hope. Her stories of love, loss, and a life lived in a relationship to land give us good reasons not to give up on ourselves or each other. This is the book we need right now to remind us how to endure--passionately. An unstoppable heart song." -Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Misfit's Manifesto

"Pam Houston is the rodeo queen of American letters. In Deep Creek, her voice has never been more fully realized, and her message never more important."
-Samantha Dunn, author of Not By Accident 



Stuck in a dead-end relationship, this fearless narrator leaves her metaphorical baggage behind and finds a comfort zone in the air, “feeling safest with one plane ticket in her hand and another in her underwear drawer.” She flies around the world, finding reasons to love life in dozens of far-flung places from Alaska to Bhutan. Along the way she weathers unplanned losses of altitude, air pressure, and landing gear. With the help of a squad of loyal, funny, wise friends and massage therapists, she learns to sort truth from self-deception, self-involvement from self-possession.

At last, having found a new partner “who loves Don DeLillo and the NHL” and a daughter “who needs you to teach her to dive and to laugh at herself”—not to mention two dogs and two horses—“staying home becomes more of an option. Maybe.”



Postfeminist toughness and post-hippie sentiment are the alternating currents of this wry, tender novel by Houston about a Colorado playwright and her beloved Irish wolfhound. Rae hasn’t had much luck with men, but her love for her dog Dante is pure and uncomplicated. When he is diagnosed with cancer, she puts all of her energies into prolonging his life, volunteering him for experimental surgery. The ups and downs of the three years he spends in remission are narrated from the perspective of the motley friends who float in Rae’s out-sized orbit. Chief among these is Howard, the adorably histrionic actor whose love is Rae’s main consolation for the looming loss of Dante; there’s also Darlene, Rae’s tough-as-nails housekeeper, who keeps things running at the ranch while Rae’s at her Denver apartment or traveling to exotic places…Houston’s gift for capturing the dynamic of unorthodox webs of relationships is on pleasing display in this gruffly warmhearted novel. -Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review



In Pam Houston’s can’t-put-down collection of essays, A Little More About Me, she describes her globe-trotting adventures spanning five continents with candor and humor, but it’s the emotional journey that hits home. We travel vicariously as Houston treks through the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan or dozes while a pride of lions passes her Botswana campsite, but we’re right there with her when she talks about her anger-filled childhood, her lifelong obsession with weight, and of course, a penchant for strong, silent types. Her willingness to put herself at risk is her way of coping with these insecurities–each victory on skis or in hiking boots a triumph over those nasty demons. Houston’s writing is straightforward and doesn’t get mired in innuendo–she tells it like it is. And because she’s not afraid to admit her fears and mistakes, we truly root for her to achieve the balance she’s seeking. -Jill Fergus, Amazon.com



Pam Houston, best-selling author of Cowboys Are My Weakness, returns to the subject of relationships in her captivating new book, Waltzing the Cat. This time, her heroine is Lucy O’Rourke, a bright, successful landscape photographer in her early thirties, whose life, nonetheless, “seems like one false start after another, way too much up and down to keep winding up at the very same place.” More often than not, that “place” is an unsatisfying relationship. Convinced that “anybody is better than nobody,” Lucy takes up with a string of men bound to hurt and disappoint her. In these 11 intertwined and insightful stories, we meet Gordon, the lover turned stalker with “a jealous streak as vicious as a heat seeking missile”; blond, beautiful Carter, who is so physically and emotionally distant that Lucy dubs their relationship “virtual love”; and Erik, a brilliant Norwegian, who “keeps it together to the tune of a fifth and half of tequila a day.”
-Beth Duris, Book Page



“Every once in a while I come across a book like Pam Houston’s book, Cowboys Are My Weakness, which serves not just to reinforce my love of writing and reading, but also reaches inside to do something much greater: reinforce the joy of being alive.

This first collection of short stories by this now established author focuses on narrators who live out west and find themselves time and again learning the same lessons. They learn how to love the wrong man, how to leave him, and how to handle being the one left. They learn what it means to take pride in themselves and at the end of the day try to figure out a way to be happy with who they are and who they want to become.”
- Laura Dave, Renaissance Magazine